9.1 and broken QT5 epel

i must use --nobest to ugprade from alma 9.0 to alma 9.1 kde plasma instalation

a lot of probelm with QT5.

i have already sync epel at the last level but problem still there

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Don’t use “nobest”.

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We are talkintg not 8.7 but 9’. 0 to 9.1 but same issue for epel 9

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Sorry, missed the version, although:


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epel updated issue corrected but still a problem
the new kde by default use a sddm greeter wayland that corrupt your keyboard and that prevent the virtual keybaord to apperas

workaroung with a ks file include the groupe KDE plasame and sddm-x11
with this the greeter wayland is not be installed

or if have upgrade your pc
yum install sddm-x11 --allowerasing

il will erase the wayland and install the x11 version instead