Almalinux 9: Vmware keeps resetting the screen resolution to 800x600


I installed Almalinux 9 on Vmware.

Everytime I reboot, the Vmware keeps resetting the resolution back to 800x600

This does not happen for any other distros, such as Fedora or Ubuntu.

How to fix this?

Can’t help because I have the same issue. But have noticed that after booting, before you log in, the OS doesn’t know about all the screen resolutions VMware supports. AFTER you log in you get a whole new huge list of resolutions.

@jmr thanks, your findings helped to find the fix.

Here it is (tested on AlmaLinux 9.1):

  1. download from

and place it for example in ~/.local/bin/

  1. run it
    python ~/.local/bin/

I got the output

max-screen-size: 0x0
layout-mode: logical
global-scale-required: no
supports-mirroring: yes
supports-changing-layout-mode: no

logical monitor 0:
x: 0 y: 0, scale: 1.0, rotation: normal, primary: yes
associated physical monitors:
	Virtual-1 unknown

Virtual-1 unknown unknown unknown
    3840x2400   59.97       [x1.0+, x2.0, x3.0, x4.0]
    3840x2160   59.97       [x1.0+, x2.0, x3.0, x4.0]
    2880x1800   59.95       [x1.0+, x2.0, x3.0]
    2560x1600   59.99       [x1.0+, x2.0, x3.0]
    2560x1440   59.95       [x1.0+, x2.0, x3.0]
    1920x1440   60.00       [x1.0+, x2.0]
    1920x1200   59.88       [x1.0+, x2.0]
    1920x1080   59.96       [x1.0+, x2.0]
    1856x1392   60.00       [x1.0+, x2.0]
    1807x1575   60.00*+     [x1.0+]
    1792x1344   60.00       [x1.0+, x2.0]
    1680x1050   59.95       [x1.0+, x2.0]
    1600x1200   60.00       [x1.0+, x2.0]
     1440x900   59.89       [x1.0+]
    1400x1050   59.98       [x1.0+]
     1360x768   60.02       [x1.0+]
    1280x1024   60.02       [x1.0+]
     1280x960   60.00       [x1.0+]
     1280x800   59.81       [x1.0+]
     1280x768   59.87       [x1.0+]
     1280x720   59.86       [x1.0+]
     1152x864   75.00       [x1.0+]
     1024x768   60.00       [x1.0+]
      800x600   60.32       [x1.0+]
  1. test setting of your desired resolution from command line by
    python ~/.local/bin/ --output Virtual-1 --mode 2880x1800

  2. wrap this command into simple two-line shell script ~/.local/bin/

python ~/.local/bin/ --output Virtual-1 --mode 2880x1800
  1. make it executable
    chmod +x ~/.local/bin/

  2. we want this command to be run each time gnome starts
    create (with root privileges) file /etc/xdg/autostart/resolution.desktop with the following content (replace your_username with your login)

[Desktop Entry]