10th NVMe Drive Missing

Trying to install AlmaLinux 8 on a Dell R640 equipped with 10 x 7.68TB NVMe U.2 drives. All 10 show up in iDrac storage inventory so they’re recognized, but only 9 show up in AlmaLinux install (via IPMI). Curious why and if there’s a fix?

I’m presuming the R640’s firmware (BIOS, iDRAC, HBA/PERC etc.) is up-to-date?

Which specific version of AlmaLinux 8 are you trying to install? There’s always the possibility of something being fixed in a later release with a new kernel.

How are the ten (10) NVMe drives configured–as JBOD disks via an HBA, or through a PERC (RAID) controller?

Also, try switching over from the install screen to the command line (CTRL+AL+F2 I think), and check the details from dmesg to verify there are no errors reported by the kernel, preventing the allocation of that tenth drive.