About migration from Alma 8 to future 9

Just a question. I plan to install soon Alma Linux on Workstations (not as a server)
Do you know if Alma Team will develop a tool tu upgrade systems or it will be as CentOS and no upgrades will be possible ?
Do you have any information?

Disclaimer: personally I’m of the opinion that it is way better to do fresh major release installs than migrate between major releases.

That said, there is already ELevate Project:

Yes for servers i do a fresh install.
I study the possibility to do that for workstation only.

I know the Elevate Project, great tool, but i don’t know if Alma Team plans to update it for next Alma versions :slight_smile:

None of RHEL rebuilds that I know have ever supported migration.
At some point some tried to create such script for CentOS, but that fizzled out.
RHEL offers a RHEL->RHEL migration tool, but with many caveats.

Thus, ELevate is the first serious migrator outside RHEL?
I’d say there will be strong incentive to evolve ELevate with new data.

Yes ELevate is the fisr tool for RHEL rebuilds.
I hope it will be evolve, less risks on Workstation with GUI apps but better because reinstall need lot of work with encrypted installs !

come on, its 2022, rebuilds are easy. kickstart will handle luks, installing packages, users, ssh keys, configuration etc. all from pxe boot or a usb stick or whatever. you can even set it to ignore a drive/partition like /home and just nuke the os.

We have ±800 station and ±200 home worker . We use pxe/usb nd kickstart to install our workstatiion. We have already migrate our home worker to alma 8. We are waiting alma 9 for the 800 workstatiion. The home is lsync with à Huawei storage that export thé home as nfs4

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