About problems with automatic mounting of external USB devices

This is a known thing, and problems with udisks mounting have occurred in different distributions, and RedHat has its own description for 2024 for all RHEL distributions from 7 to 9 - how to disable automounting in GNOME (How to disable media automount in GNOME - Red Hat Customer Portal).

I connect an external 4 TB USB drive from WD, automounting does not occur.
dconf-editor shows that the automount and automount-open functions are enabled.
Error messages received (results of journalctl xe are in attached file; this is a txt file, not a pdf).

This file clearly indicates AlmaLinux 9, but should the message still be sent to bugzilla.redhat.com?

There is also, as I understand, an alternative option - autofs, a separate package for AlmaLinux 9.
I haven’t installed it yet. Has anyone used it? Will installing it lead to problems fighting - who will mount the USB device, GNOME/udiskd or autofs ?

journalctl_errors.pdf (17.8 KB)

The Alma messages are for what looks to me like unrelated services. What pops out to me is

Jul 08 15:12:02 localhost udisksd[854]: Error probing device: Error sending ATA command IDENTIFY DEVICE to '/dev/sdb': Unexpected sense data returned:
                                        0000: f0 00 01 00  00 00 00 0a  00 00 00 00  00 1d 00 00    ................
                                        0010: 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00    ................
                                         (g-io-error-quark, 0)

Are you actually able to mount this manually?

Yes, of course - usual mount or udisksctl work fine.