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I would like to suggest a category structure similar to the CentOS Forums, please.

I realize this is a new Forum, but the way the CentOS Forum was organized was very easy to adapt to and figure out where to find answers, where to post questions and so on; although, the search engine with CentOS Forums never actually worked. Using a Google Search with “site:centos.org” and your search context would actually work.

Just as a reference, the categories on CentOS Forums were structured in the following manner (to make life easier on the parties involved, if my idea is accepted):
CentOS 8 - General Support (suggest AlmaLinux 8 - General Support)
CentOS 8 - Hardware Support (suggest AlmaLinux 8 - Hardware Support)
CentOS 8 - Networking Support (suggest AlmaLinux 8 - Networking Support)
CentOS 8 - Security Support (suggest AlmaLinux 8 - Security Support)

In addition to these, I would like to suggest an additional category - “AlmaLinux 8 - OS Installation Issues” which would be appropriate during install of the OS, not of individual packages or group installs of package groups.

@warron.french thanks for your feedback. I had been focusing energy elsewhere and just circled around to the forums. We will have this all structured within the next week.

@jack , thanks for following up. If there is anything I can do to contribute as a tester… please let me know how I can help. DM me if you want, I would love to contribute.