Additional repos? How to port software for AL9?

Dear all, I am new here and new to AlmaLinux.
I am running AL9 on a workstation - for now test-wise.

  • As repos such as EPEL for AL9 are still pretty empty, I am wondering through what channel(s) I could best access software? Are there any other repos apart from the ones listed here: that could be helpful? Any advice?
  • Or, as an alternative: how to I best port RPMs to make them usable in AL9?
    Thanks a lot in advance

If you have found software from EPEL for previous distros, then a natural thing is to
create feature requests to EPEL, so that they get to know which packages are needed (to build sooner for EL9). That will benefit all, who do use EL9 distros.

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If you need a few packages for yourself in a hurry, there’s a good chance you can build them yourself. I have a page on building rpms at Building rpms. For Alama I usually use fc34 srpms, but it will depend upon what you’re trying to build. The things I’ve wanted, such as tint2, feh, and msmtp were fairly easy. Others might be difficult, but a lot depends upon what you need If you aren’t in a hurry, jlehtone’s suggestion of making feature requests is the best choice.

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Thanks! I think I will be patient. I just made some package requests for EPEL9.