After the latest update, the XRDP stoped to work

Alma Linux 9.2. Connecting to xrdp worked without flaws. After the latest dnf update today when trying to connect it shows a window with the following message:

connecting to sesman on 127. 0.0.1:3350
sesman connect ok
sending login info to session manager. Please wait…
login successful for user admin on display 14
error loading specified in xrdp.ini, please add a
valid entry like lib=lib or similar

When I closed it, a login window appears and won’t let me log in.
Any idea how to get xrdp running again?

The latest xrdp update from EPEL, xrdp-0.9.22-4.el9, fixes this.

Thank you. Working again OK. :smiley:

This also did break on AlmaLinux 8 ; but the repo still provides

xrdp-devel.x86_64 1:0.9.22-3.el8 epel

any way to resolve this ?

There’s an EPEL 8 XRDP update, xrdp-0.9.22-4.el9.x86_64.rpm, dated May 17, that’s probably in the epel-test repo.

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That did the trick el8 obviously not el9 but found it indeed in the epel-testing repo.

See: XRDP v0.9.22 - Session chooser (login) segfaults if I click on 'Session' - · Issue #2687 · neutrinolabs/xrdp · GitHub