AL9: Kernel panic on startup immediately following successful install

I installed AlmaLinux 9.0 on my Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, and installation completed successfully. Upon reboot however, I get a kernel panic with fatal exception:

Things I tried:

  • Rescue grub option: Same result.
  • Troubleshooting → Rescue mode: No boot.log file in /mnt/sysroot/var/log, all log files in that directory are empty.
  • Reinstall: Same result.
  • I also tried adding nomodeset kernel parameter just in case: Same result.

AlmaLinux 8.6 worked fine on this laptop before I tried upgrading.

Any suggestions on what I should do next?

I see something about iwlwifi. Would it boot if you add a kernel option:



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Combined with nomodeset, that did finally get me a login shell. No GNOME yet, but at least now I have logs to look at. Thank you!