Alma 8.3 to 8.4 upgrade

Got nowhere with the upgrade instructions. Currently on 8.3.

Here’s the output of # dnf upgrade -y -v:

Background this was a former centos 8 to alma 8 upgrade previously.


Hi Henry! Welcome to the community.

Try running dnf clean all and then dnf upgrade again.

Let us know if that did the trick.

Clean FTW!
Thanks, Jack!

Thanks for being part of the team!

This worked for me.

sudo dnf clean all
sudo dnf update

For me as well. Running sudo dnf clean all and sudo dnf upgrade went quite smoothly for me…

Sadly not for me… I’ve been digging and it seems there is an issue with the VBoxGuest Additions and having a “Shared Folder” mapped in VirtualBox to the VM. After doing the dnf clean all and dnf update the system sends me to the emergency mode and the only failure I can find is the VBoxGuest drivers fail to load and in turn the share and that causes the machine to fail to boot. I am verifying this now by removing the share, then upgrading. If the VBoxGuest plugins fail I’m going to try to repair/reinstall them and see if this resolves the issue. Just wanted to do a quick report my issue in upgrading from 8.3 to 8.4. More to come :slight_smile:

So just as an update all is better. Here’s the issue. And yes the error was originally between the chair and the keyboard. (Luckily it wasn’t me LOL). Anyways, If you are running Alma in VirutalBox with guest plugins 6.1.12 and have a “Shared Folder” mapped through the vboxsf, make sure that someone DOES NOT try to mount it via fstab also. After applying Alma update and rebooting, the fstab breaks and cause the system to boot into emergency mode. I hashed out that line in fstab and POOF everything boots fine!! Go figure… Anywho… That was a nice lesson’s learned for me. Don’t think a system built by someone else isn’t opps when you take it over!!! LOL…