Alma Linux 9.0 Dual Installation

I have a machine with a RAID and an SSD. Both have Alma Linux 9, the idea being that if the RAID fails, one could boot from the SSD and make repairs. The problem is that the system panics on boot with a log that complains about duplicate name AlamaLinux (Volumne Name?) How can I get around this

Boot on rescue mode / with anything where you can run:

lsblk -o name,fstype,size,uuid,label,partuuid,partlabel,mountpoint

Members of RAID probably have some identical values, but the SSD partitions should differ from RAID.

The ‘label’ is in filesystem and does not need to exist. (When /etc/fstab does use UUID, rather than LABEL.)

The ‘partlabel’ is in GPT. While it should not be used by anything, I’ve seen kernel comment on duplicate values. ‘gdisk’ can edit GPT.

Solves my problem and describes the governing environmen. Thanks.