Alma Linux 9.2 on Raspberry Pi

I downloaded the image AlmaLinux-9-RaspberryPi-GNOME-9.2-20230615.aarch64.raw from the website. I used the Raspberry Pi Imager to deploy the image onto a Raspberry Pi flash drive. When deploying the image to the flash drive using Raspberry Pi Imager, I selected the default user “pi” and set a password. I connected via SSH. My user “pi” does not have superuser (root) privileges.
That’s correct. As the “pi” user does not have superuser privileges, you may be limited in performing certain actions that require administrative access. If you need to perform tasks that require superuser privileges, you can either switch to the root user using the “su” command and provide the root password, or use the “sudo” command before the desired command to execute it with superuser privileges. [pi@localhost ~]$ sudo dnf update
[sudo] password for pi:
pi is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.
[pi@localhost ~]$