Alma Linux 9.4 compatiable Mariadb & galera

We are looking to set up High availability with Mariadb 10.11.7 or 10.11.8 version using Galera.
Unfortunately, HA is not working even after multiple attempts
What is the official support version of MariaDB & Galera on Alma Linux 9.4 where High availability works

AlmaLinux 9 has packages for MariaDB 10.5 (supported to 2032) and 10.11 (supported to 2028). Red Hat Enterprise Linux Application Streams Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal
The 10.11 application stream Chapter 4. Application Streams | Red Hat Product Documentation seems to be based on 10.11.6 and has to be explicitly enabled.

I don’t know about HA nor Galera.