Alma linux 9 error install chkconfig


I want to ask, can’t alma linux 9 install chkconfig?

here’s a picture on my computer, when i tried to install

please help with the answer, thank you

It installed without errors on my 9.0 system.

thanks for the respons, but how can i check the error log ?

thank you

I have the same issue. I try to install grafana-8.1.3-1.el9.x86_64, which has a dependency with chkconfig-1.24-1.el9.x86_64, on AlmaLinux 9.2. However, chkconfig can’t be installed because /etc/init.d already exists and can’t be claimed by chkconfig. Apparently, it creates some folders with /etc/init.d;<some_hash>.
If I delete /etc/init.d and then try to install chkconfig it does work but I haven’t found a clean solution so far.

Obviously it is the grafana package that should be updated.

You could try cheating. Create a dummy package that provides “chkconfig”. With that installed the grafana’s requirements are fulfilled. However, grafana probably wants another package for a reason – a directory to write to, a command to run, etc. The dummy has none of them.