Alma linux and mac pass throught

Hi alma linux,

I think this is a kernel related question. My hardware in a DELL precision 3571 with a dock DELL U2723QE connected with a usb-c link. The initial problem occur at install time with PXE and Kickstart. During the PXE boot the mac address of the laptop is used in the pass trhought mechanism and the laptop obtains an IP, downloads kernel, initramfs…etc.
Then the laptop boots the image and then is no more able to use the pass throught mechanism: the next dhcp request is based on the dock mac address.
Even after deploying with the use of the laptop rj45 connector (this works of course), using the dock is always showing the dock mac address.

  • using an installed windows OS, the problem do not occur (the mac address of the laptop is sent to the dhcp server).

Is there some modules or special option to provides at kernel level for Alma Linux ?



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Dell USB-C Hub Monitors: MAC Address Pass-Through Not Available with Non-Dell Systems | Dell US says:

Dell has a proprietary implementation of the MAC Address pass-through feature, which makes it available only when the monitor is used with a Dell system.

That implies that one needs a driver from Dell in order to enable the pass-through feature.
The preinstalled MS Windows probably has such driver already.

Dell does have Yum-repositories, at least for Dell server management.
I don’t know whether they have laptop drivers for RHEL in there.

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Hi jlethone,

I had a call this morning with DELL support. But they do not provide any solution, nor any information about these repositories.
It is not a pre-installed windows, but an internal deployment as storage should be encrypted.
My last test with Ubuntu preinstalled by DELL (I have several laptops to configure) shows the same problem.
I’ll try to have more details from DELL.

Thanks for your answer


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