Alma9 Cinnamon?

Hi all,
I used CentOS7 for a while with cinnamon and just thought I give it a try with Alma, but I cant seem to find a working tutorial on how to do it.
There is alot tutorials on Alma8, but they dont seem to work on 9, so I was wondering if somebody did install cinnamon on 9 or know a working guide?


Hi all Almalinux experts and users,
I join to Kloper360 so we are waiting for Cinnamon desktop install solution for Almalinux 9.
More over it would be better than Almalinux would support all of popular desktops like Fedora.

What do you mean by “support”?

Dear Jukka!

I mean that Almalinux repo should contain any other popular desktop versions also, not only KDE and Gnome.
Like Opensuse, Fedora and others do it.

Best regards

Almalinux is a rebuild of RHEL; the repos have what RHEL content sources Red Hat releases. RHEL has only Gnome; no KDE.

The KDE you can find from third-party repo EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux). That repo is maintained by Fedora project. The purpose of EPEL is to “support” what RHEL (and hence rebuilds, like Almalinux) does not have.

You should contact the EPEL maintainers and request addition of Cinnamon.

Thanks for clearing the situation.
As I see that EPEL belongs to Fedora project.

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