Almalinux 8.5 ARM RaspberryPi4b boot configuration questions

I followed the instructions to install AlmaLinux 8.5 ARM on my RaspberryPi4b from here:
using these boot files

The installation works fine, but I did notice that in the network configuration the wifi device isn’t recognized. I tried the installation for 8.4 too and it was the same thing. Before installing with the iso I had a raw.xz of 8.4 with three partitions made and would have to use the resize command to increase the partition size. That installation worked fine but I couldn’t configure /home and / to a larger size. Point is through the installation with an ISO I have 8.5 ARM installed on my rpi4, and the wifi device isn’t available.
But my question is it only possible to boot through a usb or can I install 8.5 ARM on a microSD card and boot from the slot on the rpi4? Right now I can only boot having the bootloader files in a 4GB card on the main rpi4 sd slot and having the iso loaded microsd connected with usb. When I boot with the iso loaded microsd in the main slot the bootloader starts and I get a mkfs.fat volume ‘no name’ error - firmware not found.

Any help appreciated, thanks.