AlmaLinux 8.6 Stable is Now Available

Hi, Community! The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is excited to announce that AlmaLinux OS 8.6 Stable is now available. Just like a flash after the beta release. This stable release is for the x86_64, aarch64 and ppc64le architectures and is ready for production installations and to power all your computing needs and workloads.
Grab it from the nearest mirror and join us on the AlmaLinux Community Chat to discuss.

Our Live Images, Raspberry Pi, Cloud and Container images updates are in process, so stay tuned to catch the updates. Don’t blink, you might miss them!

Release Notes and More Information

The AlmaLinux 8.6 contains web console enhancements and some brand new System Roles that make system administration simpler. Security updates include upstream versions for the SCAP Security Guide, OpenSCAP and other packages among other improvements.
You can read more about this release by checking out the Release Notes.

Are You Finally Gonna Join Our Incredible Community?

Your effort and contributions are what make great releases like this possible. Join us. Please report any bugs you may see on the Bug Tracker. Join the AlmaLinux Community Chat if you need any help, post a question, or even if you just want to hang out. Reach us on Reddit and on Twitter. Have fun with the new release and as always happy hacking.


A notable thing related to roles is that ansible-core (2.12) is now in AppStream repo, while previously Ansible Engine (2.9) had to be installed from EPEL, CentOS SIG, or other source.

@jlehtone ! fancy meeting you here !..
Just discovered the existence of AlmaLinux - checking all the exits / having a crisis of faith generally - only just found out RH are actually IBM !! that’s like the Granny was Satan the whole time!..

Anywho… Just thought I’d leave a heads up for Alma Users: 8.6’ll break your KDE

Extra Bonus ! (for me) user name “Bob” wasn’t taken - Happy Days !

Welcome to the community Bob!

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