Almalinux 8.7 İnstall Kernel Panic CPU 1 Pid 1 Comm Swapper/0 Not Tainted



I haven’t tried for 14 hours, there is no method, different isolar, different usp, but I couldn’t solve it. What is this question?

For whatever reason the initramfs is unable to be decompressed at boot time, resulting in the kernel panic.

If you’ve tried different installation media (and also recreated it from scratch), and still get the exact same error, it’s likely related to a hardware issue (CPU or memory).

Is this a local computer, or a remote one at a hosting facility? If you have physical access to this computer, can you try booting the same install media on another one nearby, just to verify you’re creating the install media correctly? That error also can be a false flag for hardware failure, when it’s actually an issue with a corrupted installation DVD/USB etc.