AlmaLinux 9 compatibility with MariaDB

Hi there

I’m moving from Centos 7 to AlmaLinux 9 so you’ll have to forgive my ignorance.

My company decided to use AlmaLinux 9 as the main system in the future, but for some reasons, the MariaDB version must be fixed at 10.3.17.

I want to know whether MariaDB 10.3.17 is more stable in AlmaLinux 9.3 or AlmaLinux 9.4, which version is more stable for executing MariaDB.

Obviously it is unwise to use an old version of MariaDB in AlmaLinux 9, but I have no choice, please tell me AlmaLinux 9.3 vs 9.4, which one is a better choice and why.

Thank you

RHEL 9 has MariaDB 10.5 and 10.11 as application stream. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Application Streams Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal
AlmaLinux 9 has the same.

Since there are two (mutually exclusive) alternatives for MariaDB, we can conclude that MariaDB is optional and not a critical core component and can thus be replaced, since only “user applications” (mostly not from the distro) do depend on it.

Since AlmaLinux 9 does not provide MariaDB 10.3, you have to get it from some other source. Whether you find it at all and whether it has any support from that source is up to you.

There is only one supported AlmaLinux 9. It is currently compatible with RHEL 9.4 content. It will become compatible with RHEL 9.5 content when the 9.5 is released. There is thus no “9.3 or 9.4” question. The question is “AlmaLinux 9 or some other distro?”, and that you do have an answer for.