AlmaLinux 9 - "dnf module list" is empty

I’ve installed from AlmaLinux-9.0-x86_64-minimal.iso and

[root@localhost ~]# dnf clean all
34 files removed
[root@localhost ~]# dnf repolist
repo id                          repo name
appstream                        AlmaLinux 9 - AppStream
baseos                           AlmaLinux 9 - BaseOS
crb                              AlmaLinux 9 - CRB
extras                           AlmaLinux 9 - Extras
[root@localhost ~]# dnf check-update
AlmaLinux 9 - AppStream                         2.3 MB/s | 6.5 MB     00:02    
AlmaLinux 9 - BaseOS                            1.3 MB/s | 1.9 MB     00:01    
AlmaLinux 9 - CRB                               932 kB/s | 1.9 MB     00:02    
AlmaLinux 9 - Extras                            4.8 kB/s |  11 kB     00:02    
[root@localhost ~]# dnf module list
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:05 ago on Mon 30 May 2022 11:41:22 BST.
[root@localhost ~]#

I was expecting a list of available modules and can’t find any information about why there isn’t one.

Red Hat went overboard with modules in RHEL 8; “everything” was made a module.

That was not Good.

With RHEL 9 they chose minimalistic approach: “create a module only if you must”.
At this point nothing is a must. The expectation is that later point updates will introduce modules, just like RHEL 8 point updates have added streams.


Thanks, that matches up with something I’ve found in RHEL documentation since making the post:

Modules will be available in future minor RHEL 9 releases.


Redhat has decided to stop supporting the entire list of packages available to RHEL like they did in the past.

The “BaseOS” is what Redhat will support for an extended period of time as the base system. Separate repositories and module streams, will get their own support period or in some cases no support at all. For example, all packages in the CRB repository are completely unsupported.

This way, Redhat gets to support a much smaller code base, unlike previous RHEL releases. Not that it matters to most people, but it is an important distinction when you report bugs or expect new releases/versions/backports.

What you write about support is true, but it is true for RHEL 8 too so it is not novel in RHEL 9.

if you enable stream you have modules but it can contains bugs.

dnf module list
Dernière vérification de l’expiration des métadonnées effectuée il y a 1:38:22 le mer 12 avr 2023 19:01:58.
Name                   Stream                   Profiles                                       Summary                                                       
nvidia-driver          latest-dkms [e]          default [i], fm, ks                            Nvidia driver for latest-dkms branch                          

AlmaLinux 9 - AppStream
Name                   Stream                   Profiles                                       Summary                                                       
maven                  3.8                      common [d]                                     Java project management and project comprehension tool        
nodejs                 18                       common [d], development, minimal, s2i          Javascript runtime                                            
php                    8.1                      common [d], devel, minimal                     PHP scripting language                                        
ruby                   3.1                      common [d]                                     An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language          

Aide : [d]éfaut, [e]activé, [x]désactivé, [i]nstallé