Almalinux 9 Network Problem


As you pointed out, ‘kernel’ should pull in ‘kernel-modules’ as requirement. However, as it turned out, the minimal iso does not include 'kernel. It includes ‘kernel-core’ but it does not require ‘kernel-modules’.

Guess I should file a bug report.


i wonder if its an older generation card or something, as the 8.6 rpm contains both bnx2 and bnx2x drivers, but 8.7 doesn’t (and in the rhel9 announcement they said bnx2 will be deprecated)

the spec file for kernel seems to have kernel-core and kernel-modules as Requires, not sure where the source for kernel-core is though, maybe kernel is just a dummy package to pull in both.


Oh, I’d guess the minimal environment really does its best to be “minimal”.


Exactly, “kernel is just a dummy package to pull in” kernel-core and kernel-modules.

$ rpm -qR kernel-4.18.0-425.3.1.el8
kernel-core-uname-r = 4.18.0-425.3.1.el8.x86_64
kernel-modules-uname-r = 4.18.0-425.3.1.el8.x86_64
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What is funny, then, is that ‘kernel-modules’ is there. Nothing in the minimal iso Requires: it. :wink:

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Bug filed:

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yes you could kind of see the logic of just using kernel-core in a minimal iso, but why bother bundling kernel-modules and not use it?

same thing with 9.1 minimal (including aarch64 etc.)

No , its not very old card. HP Gen9 server, 2 x 10G ethernet.
I dont know why its deprecated.

Broadcom 10 Gbps card support did appear in Linux kernel about 2008. Some device database has entries about the 10/20 dated 2012. HP Gen9 seems to have supported Haswell and Broadwell generation CPU’s, which were released 2014–2016. It is subjective whether ~8 years is “not very old”.

However, the “bnx2” seems to be for older 1 Gbps cards, unlike the “bnx2x” that is still in mainline kernel.

Right, “bnx2”, but not “bnx2x” is listed as deprecated device as seen in the RHEL 8.7 release notes.

Updated AlmaLinux-8.7-update-1-$ARCH-minimal.iso images were released to fix this issue.
AlmaLinux 9.1 updated Minimal images are on testing now and will be released soon.

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Updated AlmaLinux-9.1-update-1-$ARCH-minimal.iso images were released to fix this issue for x86_64, aarch64, ppc64le.
Updated image for s390x will be released soon.

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Good morning my friends.
I have machines in blade, being them BL460c gen6 and gen7.
Up to Centos 7, everything is fine.
When trying to use AlmaLinux (any version) or Rocky, I cannot configure the network.
When installing the OS, you cannot find the network cards, which are all 10Gbps.

Has anyone experienced this or know how to resolve it?
I even installed the OS and I can see the cards using the lspi command, but they are then UNCLAIMED.

I would be happy if someone can give me a light.

What is the device ID that you can get with lspci -nn?

Good morning thank you.
As I can’t copy and paste the return because the machine is without a network, I made a print filtering the network data.
I attached it.

basically the be3 drivers were removed in rhel8, you can get them from elrepo but that’s not ideal for install time, surely you have an onboard nic you can use for the install though?

This server is a blade blade, BL460 Gen7.
At the moment I only have this network controller. I could try to install after running the OS, but I would not have network available. Unless I perform this action by installing the drive locally via iso or via pendrive.

I don’t see be3 in HTML Redirect
If they don’t have the driver, then you can make a request for it. The device ID is 19a2:0712

[EDIT] 19a2:0710

In the meantime I suggest you try installing ELRepo’s kernel-ml. You’d need to download the packages by some means (kernel-ml-core and kernel-ml-modules) and install them on your system.

according to the article this works:

depending on how you do the install you could add the extra repo/package