ALMALinux 9.x release

I see that CentOS has released CentOS Stream 9, which is upstream from Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux.

What are ALMALinux’s plans for major version 9.x?

Is it coming in the next couple of months? How far advanced is it going to be compared to v8.x or even v7.x of RHEL, CentOS, or ALMALinux?

Q: What is an objective of AlmaLinux OS?
A: To be 1:1 binary compatible with RHEL®.

Therefore, AlmaLinux 8 is compatible with RHEL 8.
Logically, AlmaLinux 9 will be compatible with RHEL 9.
You can’t be compatible with RHEL 9 before there is RHEL 9.

How “advanced” RHEL 9 will be compared to RHEL 8? Ask Red Hat.
When will RHEL 9 be released? Ask Red Hat.

Is ALMALinux downstream from RHEL? That might explain a lot, considering CentOS Linux was downstream and CentOS 8 Stream is meant to be upstream according to what I read on the CentOS website earlier today,

@warron.french AlmaLinux will always be downstream from RHEL, yes. Now, of course we will need to work upstream to get issues addressed and patches merged, etc. but the OS itself will always be downstream from RHEL.

That is why the Red Hat announcement about the “shift of focus” of CentOS Project was so upsetting to some users; they have/had CentOS Linux primarily because it is downstream from RHEL.

Yep, I get it. Thanks jlehtone.