Almalinux CoreOS (as Fedora/RH CoreOS flavour)

Hi to the Almalinux community,

I manage a opensource software company and hope i still have some tech background :wink:

Some elements of context
We are distributing a virtual appliance with a lot of opensource software in it, that is historically build on CentOS 7.

We will gradually move to a containerized version, but we know that it will take several years for our customers to accept it.

Our problem
As a an appliance vendor and like for IoT, we are responsible the all software are up to date and the exact same version in all our appliances. This can’t be done with a package based OS, but with an image based OS (sometime called ‘immutable OS’). It gives you atomic updates (online or offline), rollbacks, …

Container Linux OS (Fedora/RH CoreOS, VMWare PhotonOS, …) are using this approach and even a desktop OS (Fedora Silverblue)

For their immutable side, they are all based on OSTree.

We have basic ‘needs’ also, like to have an OS with OpenSCAP profiles and of course running SELinux.

If your are an appliance vendor, an IoT vendor or just need a Container Linux base, you want to have all your running instances with the exact set of binaries, security patches, …

You will tell me, so go for Fedora CoreOS, and it is likely that i reply no, for the same reason we initially choose Almalinux to replace CentOS. In our current understanding, Fedora is still a ‘preview’ of the stable (but commercial) RH CoreOS). I have to say that this answer could be mitigated by the fact that the number of binaries is greatly reduced so the risk of a regression too.

Then here comes the question, is there some plans to make a Almalinux CoreOS, based on OSTree for image based update using a AlmaLinux OSTree repository.

Thank you,
Christopher Potter