AlmaLinux does not recognize disk

Hi everybody.

I am currently in the process of booting this Almalinux onto Dell R610 server. But when I enter the interface to prepare the disk partition, I see that the OS does not recognize my disk. I have a RAID configuration for the disk, hope anyone can help me with this problem.

I use SAS Savvio 10k.5 . disk

The issue is hardly ever the “disk”, and almost always the “controller”.

Installer has commandline shell and within lspci command.
The output of lspci -nn lists (PCI) devices with their device IDs (in brackets).

We can tell more, if you can tell the device ID of the RAID controller that has the disks.

As @jlehtone wrote, once you’ve identified the controller in use, you’re likely to find a suitable driver update disk at ELRepo. You can make use of that during the install process by writing the image to disk or USB stick. The servers’ lifecycle controller might also be able to tell you what RAID hardware is in there. I seem to recall that server shipping with quite a variety (PERC 6, PERC H200, H700, and maybe the H800?).