AlmaLinux images for public cloud platform

Hi, I am wondering if you have plans to provide AlmaLinux images on public cloud platforms?

@sarvesh Yes, and thanks for asking. The AWS AMI has been submitted and is awaiting approval. Azure and GCE are in the final stages and LXC/LXD is almost done: as well. We have submitted for an official docker image (Add Official AlmaLinux OS Image by ezamriy · Pull Request #10009 · docker-library/official-images · GitHub) but that one takes time to get built as we have come to understand. In the meantime we have our own here: Docker

@jack would you also like to make it available on Open Telekom Cloud?

yes sure. can you please drop me a private message here with details?

Please get in touch with Linode, it would be nice to have official AlmaLinux images on their platform/data centres.

Thank you.

@jack Will you guys be providing the minimal version for the AWS AMI? We wish to have the minimal version of the OS

Hi @die2mrw007. I answered in the other thread. The AMI is already based off the minimal image.

Hi! Is an integration planned for Proxmox?

We’re definitely working towards it, with a few necessary stops along the way. Anything specific you’d like to see as part of the integration?

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