AlmaLinux on WSL

It would be great if there is an EL8/9 distribution for the Windows Subsystem for Linux.
Kindly think about providing for Windows OS also, as AlmaLinux is already on Azure.

AlmaLinux WSL under development GitHub - AlmaLinux/wsl-images: Visual Studio solution and kickstart file to generate WSL images and the associated appx.

We are working publishing it to market place


Thanks a lot :+1: Keep up the good work.

AlmaLinux WSL is available as an app in the Microsoft store now AlmaLinux 8 WSL - Official app in the Microsoft Store

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If you’re trapped behind a corporate policy, and blocked from the Microsoft store, then you can bypass & install with:

winget settings --enable BypassCertificatePinningForMicrosoftStore
winget install ‘AlmaLinux 8 WSL’
winget install ‘AlmaLinux 9’

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This is exactly what I was trying to find, thank you!

What exactly does BypassCertificatePinningForMicrosoftStore do, though? I can’t find any mention of it in either of the following:

Is it possible that this settings change is no longer needed?

It works on Windows 10

You need to install winget-cli 1