Almalinux OpenSCAP ANSSI BP28 Kickstart?

Hi everyone,

I am new to Almalinux so i apologize in advance if the question is trivial.

Is there a kickstart file for Almalinux and OpenScap ANSSI BP28 profile ?

If not, does it exists for C2S, PCI-DSS, STIG, or CCP (Certified Cloud Providers)

Thanks you in advance,

I found the answer here, the kickstart files for ANSSI BP28 HIGH AlmaLinux-BP-028/kickstarts at 8.6 · Chelsea486MHz/AlmaLinux-BP-028 · GitHub

I guess I assume you wanted to use the “com_redhat_oscap” addon in the kickstart file.
That is how I harden my machines with the OpenSCAP guides anyway. These .ks files looks like some handywork by someone else. Any reason to not use the com_redhat_oscap addon?

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Well if there are one 2 one compatible with Alma we will do that of course