AlmaLinux OS 8.4 for Arm/AArch64 Now Available!

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is proud to announce the release of the only 100% community owned and governed CentOS alternative, AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Stable for the Arm/AArch64 architecture. Available now on a mirror near you! Download a fresh copy and then join us to talk about it. Container images are also available on Docker Hub and

A Community Collaboration

This release was the true product of collaboration. We would like to publicly thank all those that were involved in this effort–community members, sponsors and partners–to ensure that the most popular chipsets and hardware was supported and well tested. This release would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts of the community, so first and foremost, thank you the most.

We would also like to thank our sponsors and partners, Arm for their sponsorship and technical expertise and to Ampere for ensuring their processors and hardware are well supported out of the gate. Thank you to Amazon Web Services for their sponsorship and for facilitating testing of the release on Graviton processors/instances–we know this is important to many in the community. We have a Marketplace AMI available and community AMIs available in every AWS region and the list will soon be updated to include AArch64 as well. The legendary Oregon State University Open Source Lab also assisted with sponsorship of build nodes and OpenStack testing infrastructure.

We’d also like to give a special shout out and thank you to Equinix Metal. Equinix Metal sponsored bare metal instances for building and testing, but there is more to it. They have this awesome Open Source project called Tinkerbell, which is a bare metal provisioning and management engine and we were able to submit patches upstream that the whole community can benefit from.

Production Release

Thanks to the community for the thousands of downloads of AlmaLinux OS, all your valuable feedback, bug reports and most of all your contributions. This is a production ready, stable release to power all your computing needs and workloads.

Release Notes and More Information

You can read more about it by checking out the Release Notes. This release utilizes our new geolocation powered mirror infrastructure giving you super fast network installs and updates. OpenSCAP support is included as well as the -devel repo.

Join the Community!

AlmaLinux is more than just software, there’s a whole community of dedicated people making the magic happen. You can help. Join us on our AlmaLinux Community Chat, sponsored by our good friends at Mattermost, to get involved, ask for help or just meet fellow community members. Send us your Pull Requests on GitHub. Report any bugs that you might stumble upon on the Bug Tracker. You can also ask a question on our 8.4 Arm Forum or post something on our AlmaLinux Community on Reddit.

Thanks to our Mirror and Bandwidth Sponsor

With every new release comes a rush of traffic as the bits get spread throughout the world to our over 100 mirrors. We’d like especially thank our dear friends at HiVelocity for providing hosting and bandwidth for our primary rsync mirror. Support those that support the community and please check them out for all your hosting needs.

Hey all, congratulations to the release! :partying_face:

I was wondering about the state of PPC support? I cannot find anything about it on the bug tracker. Is this planned at all?

PPC support is still planned for Q3.


I wasn’t quite sure where to post this (here, SIG, somewhere else), so apologies if I’ve misfired…

I installed the very early aarch64 image for Pi3B before it was official, having been linked to the ISO by the member building it. I’ve been updating that image since then with dnf up. The details are as follows:

cat /etc/os-release

VERSION="8.4 (Electric Cheetah)"
ID_LIKE="rhel centos fedora"
PRETTY_NAME="AlmaLinux 8.4 (Electric Cheetah)"


uname -a
Linux raspi 5.10.43-v8.1.el8 #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jun 15 18:46:06 UTC 2021 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

I read about the updated Pi image with interest, namely the newer kernel, working WiFi etc. The announcement I saw (on Reddit) said the mirrors would all update, but only talked about flashing the SD card with the new image.

Will my ‘old’ image (updated from early-early inception) eventually sync up to the new release? Or will I need to re-image the drive and restore from backups? I’ve tried to update using DNF, but it’s still on the older kernel and saying no updates available 24h later, hence my wondering whether the two ‘releases’ (old member-generated ISO and new ‘official’ image) are unrelated.

Thanks in advance.

You should be able to just grab the new AlmaLinux-release-raspberrypi rom and install it. That should bring you on track with the newest stuff.

I would say make a backup before hand just in case.

Hello @iseletsk, just wanted to check in on the current status around efforts for Alma on PPC?

PPC build is in proress. New target - either end of this month, or first have of December.