Hi. I’ve just updated and notice that a new almalinux-powertools.repo.rpmnew has been created which disables the powertools repo as well as removing the line fastestmirror=1 from each of the three repos in the file. Is there any reason for this? I currently use lensfun, leptonica, poppler-qt5 and xorg-x11-apps from it.

The powertools repo is disabled by default. Alma has same default as CL8. Whether that is a sane default is a separate question.

One does get the *.rpmnew, if one has modified the config file to enable the repo.

The change in updated config is the removal of fastestmirror=1. By man yum.conf:

If enabled a metric is used to find the fastest available mirror. This overrides the order provided by the mirrorlist/metalink file itself. This file is often dynamically generated by the server to provide the best download speeds and enabling fastestmirror overrides this. The default is False.

I’d guess that the AlmaLinux server can now confidently generate mirrorlists (with geodata) and therefore dnf does not need to measure speeds.

Thanks, that makes perfect sense. I’ll remove the fastestmirror=1 lines from the original file then delete the .rpmnew. I’ll leave the “separate question” for another time, and just leave a note to myself in the directory.

AFAIK, RHEL 8 does not have “powertools” repo.
It has Chapter 3. The CodeReady Linux Builder repository Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal

  • RHEL supports BaseOS for 10 years
  • RHEL supports streams in AppStream some years
  • The CodeReady repo has no support (but since they are mostly headers for BaseOS and stream content, …)

If powertools provides CodeReady content, then the “not for everyone” default makes sense. Sort of.