AlmaLinux Running Production for HTTPD, Mariadb and Asterisk PBX

Hello Guys. I am new here. I have any instalation running with CentOS6 and CentOS7. For new instalations i don´t install CentOS8 Strem. So, i can trust AlmaLinux 8 to running my Services ? They Are:
Some Card´s for Telephony like E1 and GSM Interface Cards.
Basic, for my services i disable Selinux, Disable Iptables and adjust some variables about the Kernel like (filedescription) cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max.

I can install here into my labory. Work Fine. But i would like some information for AlmaLinux running Corporate environment ?


our company is switching from centos7 to almaliux 8.3
± 800 workstation ± 100 servers
we install all this machine with PXE & kickstart
we don’t use mariadb we use instead postgresql

Thanks . Let´s go install…
I need install the new client one contact center with 100 extesions for Answer the Call.
We use 2 Servers.
One runing only Asterisk to process and recording all the call.
And the second to running MariaDB and HTTPD/PHP