AlmaLinux Vault rsync URL Change

Some changes are coming to our mirror system in order to help us better manage hardware resources. If you run a mirror but do not explicitly sync almalinux-vault you do not need to make any changes.


In 2021, the AlmaLinux mirror system started with a single URL: Since then, the mirror network has grown to over 350 healthy mirrors serving over a million active AlmaLinux installs around the globe. In order to maintain this network, we need to make a few minor infrastructure tweaks to let us better manage the distribution of production repositories and the vault.

Currently, all mirrors host updates that are synced via rsync from Some mirrors also chose to host older versions of AlmaLinux in what are called vault repositories. Given that we are about to release our 12th and 13th versions of AlmaLinux (each of which supports 4 different architectures), hosting the newest versions and the vaulted repos on a single file system was presenting some challenges.

Thanks to our sponsors, we run on fast hardware with big network connections so that all updates and releases make it out to mirrors as quickly as possible. Having the fastest and healthiest network of mirrors possible is a massive priority for the infrastructure team. The vault, however, does not need the same level of speed, and having it on the same storage as the production version repositories unnecessarily raises the hardware requirements of our servers running

To solve this problem, we will be splitting the production and vault repos into two URLs, by moving the rsync source for the vault to

Mirror owners: If you sync the vault from “” please change the source URL to “” by May 1st to ensure you continue to receive updates.

The vault rsync endpoint “almalinux-vault” will be removed from on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at approximately 1600 UTC.

While the vault will continue to be available at Index of / indefinitely via redirect, effective immediately we will be using as the official HTTP(S) endpoint for the vault.

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This change has been implemented in production.