Always force XFCE at first logon

We plan to migrate our centos 7 base workstation ± 8000 workstation to almalinux 8.

We use XFCE and with /etc/skel we copy the default desktop layout of xfce.
The user are authentificated currentyl against a ldap.

In centos 7 we could install a minimal installation , the X base and gdm & Xfce.

When i do the same in alma it install the gnome desktop as default
I now you can change this a first login and it create
en file in /var/lib/AccountsService/users/ that say to use xfce.

I have found a trick to force the xfce
rename all the .desktop files in /usr/share/sessions and just keep
xfce.desktop and it work.
I have also put a trigger in a rpm when gnome-session-xsession
change i redo the same thing.

It works but i dont find this a good solution so my question is.
Is there a alternatief to this to force always xfce.

gdm has a dependance with gnome-session-xsession so if you use it install gnome and the desktop file of gnome is the default.