Announcing AlmaLinux OS 8.5 Beta

Presenting the AlmaLinux OS 8.5 Beta, codenamed Arctic Sphynx, for the x86_64 and Arm architectures, now ready for testing!

We’re excited about it too, but we have to remind you: this is a BETA release and should not be used for production installations. The provided upgrade instructions should not be used on production machines, unless you don’t mind if something breaks. Now if you wanna test this somehow, somewhere to see how things will work in 8.5 stable, you’re on the right track.

Release Notes and More Information

You can read more about it by checking out the Release Notes. The AlmaLinux OS 8.5 Beta contains improvements to container management tools, several new module streams, enhancements and additions to System Roles, an enhanced Cockpit web console, support for OpenJDK 17, additional security features for personal access tokens, and network time security (NTS) for NTP.

What you can do to help?

Grab it from a mirror near you and test, test, test. Your feedback is what helps make great releases. Please report any bugs you may see on the Bug Tracker. You can also pop into the AlmaLinux Community Chat and join our Testing Channel, post a question on our 8.5 Beta Forum, on our AlmaLinux Community on Reddit or catch us on Twitter. Please enjoy this Beta release, let us know what you think and stay tuned for more updates and announcements coming soon. Happy Testing!

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I think that I chose this release version is correct, your fast response ability gives me hope.

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Congrats! Upgraded two 8.4 AlmaLinux systems (Fijitsu Celeron(R) CPU G1610 / NUC Core™ i3-4010U) without a glitch, and reboot was twice as fast as before!

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Awesome. Thank You! Glad to have people put it through its paces. Especially on cool hardware :slight_smile:

Oh, finally there was a glitch. The firewall process terminated immediately with a Python error “module six not found”. After a ‘dnf reinstall python*’ everything was all right. Probably an exotic problem, since I updated some python modules by hand. On the other machine there was no problem with that.
Best wishes for you and your much appreciated work!

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I expected version 8.5 to come with PHP 8.x as a separate module, but it seems PHP 8 won’t be officially included. Oh well…

yes looks like RHEL didn’t include it, as of yet. It could still show up before 9.

Apparently, RHEL 9 beta comes with PHP 8 by default. I won’t migrate my servers yet, I’ll wait for AlmaLinux 9.

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Alma 9 Beta 1 is out today

Was the previous “9 beta 0”?