Apparmor, firewall, snap et al

I have a system that is to have no internet access and is isolated. (boat in middle of ocean)
I do not want apparmor, selinux, firewall or any sort of snap. I have not been following RH. Are these things possible and easy with Alma

It’s pretty easy. The ones on by default in Alma are SELinux and firewalld. Both can be disabled, but if you leave them on, and running at their default settings, you won’t even notice them. Snap and apparmor are both Ubuntu, (I don’t know if either or both are also with Debian) and therefore, not relevant. Right now, it’s easy to get all packages with rpms, though RedHat, and therefore Alma, seems to have some flatpaks, but not by default.

So, yes it’s easy, but not necessary to disable firewalld and SELinux. The others you ask about aren’t defaults in Alma.

The “firewall” is rules in kernel. They are written to kernel – mostly during boot – by a service. The firewalld.service is the default for that, but there is also nftables.service as an alternative. If you disable then service, then no rules are added to kernel.

SELinux: do as in RHEL: How do I turn SELinux off in Red Hat Enterprise Linux? - Red Hat Customer Portal

Thank you
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I’ve got at 10 core i7 nuc doing lots of gstreamer stuff pulling CPUs at 90%.Reducing ANY load seems sensible!