Are the card games available?

Under C7 there was a range of games of patience (“solitaire” in the USA) available. I’ve got EPEL enabled, but can’t find them. A minor inconvenience, but what else can you do when the backups bring your system to its knees? :grinning:

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For what it’s worth, I installed Pysol on my AlmaLinux 8.3. I just copied it over from my CentOS install, so I don’t remember the original details, but I think I just downloaded a tarball, and rather than install it, just linked ~/PysolFC-2.0/ to ~/bin/pysol. I had to install python2 and a few other things, agqain, my memory is hazy, but probably python2-tkinter among others.

Thanks for the pointer Scottro. I downloaded PySolFC-2.8.0 and as it instructed just ran it. It crashed wanting tkinter, so I installed python3-tkinter (along with prerequisite tcl and tk), but now it fails wanting module pysol_cards. I’ll probably let it be, but I have found freecell and spider on line so that will do me for now.

I use the KDE desktop (installed separately) and KPatience is available via Flatpak.

For what it’s worth, I see I used python2-tkinter, but if you’ve found what you need online, probably not worth the effort. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.