Attempting SSH via password login fails on AlmaLinux9.4

I’m trying to log in via SSH password to Almalinux 9.4 that I built as an EC2 instance, but it fails.

Password login in ssh_config is set to yes, but does anyone know what the problem is?
The only thing that shows up in the secure log is the following, and it’s troubling me.

Disconnected from authenticating user XXXXX port 54685 [preauth]

the ssh_config is for the ssh client, in the machine that you are connecting from, not in the remote that the Alma clearly is.

The sshddoes read /etc/ssh/sshd_config. The first line in sshd_config in AlmaLinux 9 does include files from /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/
If password login is set in any of the files therein, that supercedes what is set in sshd_config after that include. Overall, one should not edit that file, but add own customizations as new file within that directory.

Thanks. The cause was the settings in the following file:


That has most likely been generated by cloud-init package. In other words, the config of cloud-init has made it create such sshd-config. One could perhaps modify the config of cloud-init (but overriding with own additional sshd config works too).