Audio settings lose its configuration

Hi there,
The audio settings on my new shiny install of AlmaLinux [8.5 with the kernel 4.18.0-348.20.1.el8_5.x86_64, and KDE 5.88] loses its configuration on an intermittent basis.
I have a SoundBlaster card installed as well. The settings have a mind of their own and on some restarts jump from the SB card to the built-in audio controller or vice versa.
The ‘Configure’ button at the bottom of the form is also always greyed out.
The SB card is an Audigy X-Fi series [SB 0570 Audigy SE] and the built in audio is GF119 HDMI Audio Controller.
Thev SoundBlaster card is a bit old, but why I have to keep an eye on these settings?
[NB.: did not have this problem/issue with Centos 7. I tried Debian 10 before installing AlmaLinux and did not have the problem either.]