Auditorium names at Penguicon!

During a fundraising auction earlier this year to support a Michigan-based opensource and all-things-geeky conference called Penguicon, I won the right to name the primary meeting room (what they’re currently calling Auditorium 1).

What should we call it?

The only rules they have:

  • Smaller names work best! The name you select will appear on our Sched App for the schedule as well as in any print material. As such a shorter name works best. Examples: “The Gamers Delight” works far better than “The-Gamers-Delight-for-All-Epic-and-Iconic-Board-and-TTRPG-Players”
  • We ask the name be kept at PG-13 and NOT named after a horrible person or some type of slur.
  • Penguicon Reserves the right to you “no”.

Right now I need a good reason not to call it roomy mcroomface.


As the Head of Penguicon Program Operations is it extremely wrong of me to state that I absolutely adore “Roomy McRoomFace” as a name??? It’s probably bad, but I am known as the slightly demented one at Penguicon!


It absolutely is not wrong. To me, it’s the only right answer. :smiley:

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I’m unable to provide any good reason to not call it roomy mcroomface. so uh, yeah, my vote should be obvious :slight_smile:


ChatGPT got jokes:

“AlmaLinux Think Tank: Where Innovation Brews!”
“AlmaLinux Code Cave: Where Wizards Gather!”
“AlmaLinux Brainwave Bunker: Where Creativity Strikes!”
“AlmaLinux Logic Lair: Where Puzzles Unravel!”
“AlmaLinux Brainstorm Barracks: Where Ideas March In!”
“AlmaLinux Pixel Parlour: Where Pixels Percolate!”
“AlmaLinux Debugging Den: Where Glitches Get Squashed!”
“AlmaLinux Hack Haven: Where Ideas Hack It Out!”
“AlmaLinux Geek Grotto: Where Nerds Nest!”
“AlmaLinux Syntax Space: Where Code Converses!”
“AlmaLinux Dev Den: Where Creators Converge!”
“AlmaLinux Data Depot: Where Information Stacks Up!”
“AlmaLinux Script Sanctum: Where Words Work Wonders!”
“AlmaLinux Interface Inn: Where Tech Travellers Rest!”
“AlmaLinux Geek Galaxy: Where Universes Unravel!”

Gathering suggestions I’ve seen other places here:

The Fiends Hovel
The Thunderdome (of course)
That One Place
The Rookery
Alma Lovin’ Alma Friends
The Situation Room
The Bridge
Home Base
The Penguin Enclosure

I mean. As ConChair, I’m also a fan of "Roomy McRoomface. :smiley:


Some more suggestions:

Crocodiles do not swim here
The Auditoriuminator
The Wry 'Guin.
The Guintorium.
The Big-ass Room.
The ConCave.
The Web Site.

Roomy McRoomFace is a classic, although I wonder if there’s some fun names that call out to AlmaLinux without being ‘too obvious’.

I don’t know everything there is to know about the project and community, but I did read the Wikipedia page. :nerd_face: The page talks about CERN and Fermi adopting AlmaLinux so I think a tagline-of-a-name would be fun. Maybe “Now Runs on Your Particle Accelerator!”.

Other silliness that comes to mind:
“Binary Compatible with Awesomeness”
“Available on a Cloud Near You”
“We’ve got soul!”
“Compliant to a fault” (Maybe not anymore since the goal isn’t to be “bug-for-bug” compatible with RHEL)

More name-like name suggestions:
Use the release codename for 9.3? “Pampas Cat Cave” (I don’t know how to fit shamrocks in there, but I will personally cut out paper shamrocks and decorate the room if it’s wanted. :joy:)
Codename for 8.9 on its own is just awesome: “Midnight Oncilla”.

Also, I’m just realizing a feline theme going on. Unrelated, but I deeply approve.

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A group of penguins on land is a “Waddle”, and a larger population is a “Colony” therefore:

  • The Waddle
  • The Colony
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This continues to be fantastic. I’m gonna give it 'till Monday I think, then pull together a poll. :smiley:

We’ve narrowed it down to just a few options and we’re in the final voting day now. If you wanna provide your input, we’ve got posts on X and Mastodon.