automatic proxy authorization does not work

good afternoon. AlmaLinux 8.5 refuses to automatically log in to the proxy. Constantly asks for a password and login. The machine is in the domain, kerberos is configured. Please tell me which way to look

ask your proxy admin for instructions.

the proxy server is working, it’s just that every time you open the browser, you have to specify the username and password of my domain user, maybe there is some solution to send it to the cache, for example, so as not to enter a login with a password every time???

that would depend on the browser, its really nothing to do with almalinux

you could probably just put your proxy setup in /etc/environment or somesuch, llike the https_proxy or HTTPS_PROXY environment variables

I understand, and the settings http_proxy, https_proxy and no_proxy are in the environment. when opening the browser, the proxy is detected correctly, but requires authorization. By the way, I encountered exactly the same problem on CentOS8, while on CentOS7 authorization on the proxy is automatic