Best CPU and RAM config for almalinux in vmware ESXI

I have server G9 HPE
it has 2 cpu with this model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz

I have 128 Gig of ram in my server but I give 64 gig to almalinux

We installed the vm esxi on this server and crated machin that runing Almalinux 8 and we installed cPanel in this machin to hosting single site based on wordpress and php

now I want to know how much hardware I must give to machin?
this is esxi settings:
and in almalinux show me like this:

I think there is problem in binding cpu to OS, I need someon help me in this case

also I asked chatgpt and tolde me I must add CPU Affinity in esxi :
Name: sched.cpu.affinity
Value: 0-19

I need your help
When I use the ‘atop’ command, it shows me the cpu in 99% and my site just have 2 online user!

Where in the output is the “99%”?

The atop shows this on my machine:

CPU | sys       3% | user     22% |  irq       4% | idle   1170% | wait      1% |

Note how these add up to 1200%.

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That does not look like ‘atop’ output. Perhaps ‘htop’.

The cpanel’s php-cgi do seem to use 6 cores (out of 20). Mere 30%.

Disclaimer: I don’t know what php-cgi is or does. Perhaps cpanel does.

Yes it is Htop output

My question is : how to assign cores of cpu in esxi for this machin?

You did not help me, just corrupted this topic and to get my answer I must crate post again
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