Best place to hire SysAdmins at short notice?

Hi All,

For the most part I am able to maintain and manage our server but there are times that I run in to a difficult situation that I am unable to solve myself.

It’s these times I would like to have a SysAdmin available for hire on short notice.

Where would the best place be to find a Company or Person that offers a service such as this?

Looking forward to youre replies.

If you are wanting them in person it would be a good idea to indicate where you are. There’s not much point in quoting a UK firm for a position in Australia or a Japanese agency for a position in Brazil.

No, I don’t want them in person. I will be doing most of the server maintenance and support myself. I will only need them on an adhoc basis if and when I run in to major troubles.

Is there really no company or service provider out there that offers ad-hoc sysadmin services for AlmaLinux?

As @MartinR mentioned, location can be important. Unless of course you don’t mind other people working on your systems while you sleep…

/tony - from Denmark

Understood. I’m based in South Africa so anywhere near that time zone would be good. :blush: But I would have thought there were agencies or companies that can be trusted with this sort of thing regardless if the time zone.