Black screen after update from AlmaLinux 8.6 to 8.7

I have a black screen after updating from AlmaLinux 8.6 to 8.7. I can SSH and do everything when booting in the 8.7 kernel but the screen is black.

When I boot back into 8.6, the desktop GUI appears again. Any suggestion on a fix?

Which graphics driver do you use? Proprietary NVidia? Have you installed it for the new kernel?

I installed AlmaLinux 8.6 and everything was working. I didn’t install a separate proprietary driver, it will be whatever was installed with the AlmaLinux 8.6 installation. After an update to AlmaLinux 8.7, it just stopped working. Graphics card information is as below:

02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Matrox Electronics Systems Ltd. MGA G200e [Pilot] ServerEngines (SEP1) (rev 42)
DeviceName: Onboard VGA
Subsystem: Emulex Corporation Device 0101
Kernel driver in use: mgag200
Kernel modules: mgag200

Server is a ThinkSystem ST550.

Device ID is useful to know. lspci -nn | grep VGA should show it.

Not a solution, but a means of trying to diagnose problems:

Are you aware that you can get alternative terminals by using the Ctrl-Alt-F(1-6) keys? One of these will be the GUI, the others are text terminals. Ctrl-Alt-F6 is generally a good one to try, but some systems tail the system log there (not Alma though).

Output is as follows:
02:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Matrox Electronics Systems Ltd. MGA G200e [Pilot] ServerEngines (SEP1) [102b:0522] (rev 42)

Crtl-Alt-F(1-6) does nothing. If I revert to the previous kernel, everything works fine.

I’ve got it working by blacklisting the mgag200 kernel module. I wonder what graphics kernel module it uses when disabling the Matrox driver.