Broken update Almalinux 8.6

Hi, Community!
There is a problem with updating in Almalinux 8.6,
when trying to run a dnf update, it complains about conflicting packages libdnf-0.63.0-8.1.el8_6.alma.x86_64 and libdnf-0.63.0-8.el8.alma.x86_64 for the python3-libdnf package

When trying to reinstall the libdnf package, it swears at a non-existent python3-hawkey package, which is not in the system, not in the repository

Please help me solve this problem

Removing anything related to ‘dnf’ sounds like a recive for losing dnf, which makes package management very difficult. So, no “remove”.

I would do first:
dnf --enablerepo=* clean all
With any luck, cached metadata is “inconsistent” and cleaning it out first lets dnf access fresh info.