brother printing issue

I install the Brother printer drivers as normal and add a printer with the correct PPD…and nothing prints. It goes into the queue and dies. I don’t see anything in /var/log/messages to indicate an error.

I remember back in the day the Brother drivers needed glibc.i686 which I have added to no luck.

Would love some direction on this issue if anyone has any advise

First, some install options (of CentOS Linux) did omit rsyslog and had only systemd’s journald.
This might not apply to AlmaLinux, but nevertheless logs of service (e.g. cups) can be seen also with:

sudo journalctl -u cups

Second, cups does write logs to directory /var/log/cups/, doesn’t it?

Looks like it was a permissions issue on /tmp Why it was writing there, I am not sure.

Fixing that fixed the issue. So used to /var/log/cups for errors, didn’t think about journalctl

thank you