Build Postfix + Dovecot + SquirrelMail environment

Does anybody know if there is still a SquirrelMail package compatible with ALMALinux-8.4?

I would like to build an email environment for a lab but want to try it at home first.

If there is an alternative to the SquirrelMail package as a web front end for user access, that would be acceptable too.


Hi Warron. I can see a version in EPEL-7 (, but can find anything in EPEL-8. However since it is PHP it ought to be portable. You can avoid using outdated EPEL repositories if you head over to the squirrelmail downloads page

The admin manual starts by saying:

There are only two requirements for SquirrelMail:

  • A web server with PHP installed. PHP needs to be at least 4.1.0. PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 6 and PHP 7 are all supported.
  • Access to an IMAP server which supports IMAP 4 rev 1.

It doesn’t really matter what OS or web server you use, as long as the combination thereof supports PHP in a stable way. Read the instructions and suggestions in the PHP documentation to see what they recommend.

– and if you are fully patched PHP is on 7.2.24 so you should be fine. Of course, “if you break it you get to keep the pieces…”!

I am running it on Almalinux. No problems. Used the Squirrelmail download.

@MartinR and @Philip, thank you both.

I thought SquirrelMail was dead?

Why not use roundcube? which is modern, with a responsive UI, with recent features like OAuth support?

I am open to alternatives, sure. I didn’t know SquirrelMail was dead. It’s not like these features are offered in packages that are in the mainstream repos of the OS vendors; afterall, EPEL is not delivered as a part of any distribution. It is an addon repository.

My suggestion, is to try Roundcube, it is a very impressive webmail client with a very active development team and has been around for many years. Stable, reliable and modern.

I think EPEL offered roundcube packages, but I stopped using them because they installed too many dependency rpm packages, so these days I install it via my own shell script.

(I’m not affiliated with roundcube, I’m just a user)

Thanks, I am going to try and stick to a repository of the RPM because in this environment we need repeatability.