Can I do an in-place upgrade form 8 to 9? like RHEL are offering?

RHEL appear to be offering an upgrade path from RHEL 8 to RHEL 9 or so it seems?

Is there any such effort on the way for AlmaLinux 8 to 9 migration?

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Or if you rather read the original RHEL page here it is:

That page also reminds that:

  • Known limitations – Notable known limitations of Leapp currently include:
    * Encryption of the whole disk or a partition, or file-system encryption currently cannot be used on a system targeted for an in-place upgrade.
    * No network-based multipath and no kind of network storage mount can be used as a system partition (for example, iSCSI, or NFS).
    * The in-place upgrade is currently unsupported for on-demand PAYG instances on the remaining Public Clouds (Microsoft Azure, Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud) that use Red Hat Update Infrastructure but not Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM) for a RHEL subscription.

Not to mention separate Known issues list.

That said, there is work going on with Elevate to support in-place 8->9 upgrade. No time estimate.

Personally, I prefer migration via fresh install.

yup, if you can’t do a fresh install and keep your data/config, then you’re doing something wrong.