Can we link 32bit library with 64bit executable?

There is a plan of migration from CentOS to AlmaLinux. But one thirdparty library is creating problem. The problem is that the development stopped for that thirdparty library and support channel is also not working. I have 32bit pre-compiled library of that thirdparty package(source code not available) but that is not working on AlmaLinux with 64bit executable.
So, Need to know if anyone tried or Is there is any way to link 32bit library with 64bit executable on AlmaLinux?

Where did you get that “64-bit executable”?

I’m trying to link 32bit thirdyparty library to 64bit program on almalinux as i’m using some api from thirdparty library in my 64bit program.

Did you have 32-bit or 64-bit program in the CentOS, where you are migrating from?

I don’t think that one can use a mix.

In CentOS, I have 32bit program. But on AlmaLinux everything will be 64bit.
So, Is there any way I can use old 32bit thirdparty library with new 64bit program?

If you want everything to be 64-bit, then you have to get 64-bit version of that library.

You said that that is not option. Change of that program to use an another library is probably not an option too.

That leaves not everything 64-bit. Use the 32-bit program. You can install 32-bit base system libraries, like glibc into 64-bit Alma.