Can't find installed security update

A recent security update for Apache is ALSA-2022:0891. I know this was originally discoverable using yum ‘updateinfo list sec’ because I run this nightly and dump the results into a database. I installed updates a while after it came out. Now I want to prove to a 3rd party that I have it installed.

According to redhat this command should list uninstalled updates (but also I think installed ones):
yum updateinfo list all security | grep ‘0891’

and this should list installed updates:
yum updateinfo list security --installed | grep ‘0891’

Both commands return a blank, i.e. like ALSA-2022:0891 does not exist. Am I misunderstanding something? If not, then it is like it has disappeared from yum somehow. On an actual RHEL8 system I get:
yum updateinfo list security --installed | grep ‘0891’
RHSA-2022:0891 Moderate/Sec. httpd-2.4.37-43.module+el8.5.0+14370+51c6d843.2.x86_64
RHSA-2022:0891 Moderate/Sec. httpd-filesystem-2.4.37-43.module+el8.5.0+14370+51c6d843.2.noarch
RHSA-2022:0891 Moderate/Sec. httpd-tools-2.4.37-43.module+el8.5.0+14370+51c6d843.2.x86_64
RHSA-2022:0891 Moderate/Sec. mod_http2-1.15.7-3.module+el8.4.0+8625+d397f3da.x86_64
RHSA-2022:0891 Moderate/Sec. mod_ssl-1:2.4.37-43.module+el8.5.0+14370+51c6d843.2.x86_64