Celebrating 500K Docker Pulls!

Thank you to our amazing community and congratulations on 500K+ Docker Pulls! What a marvelous milestone!

It seems like just a short time ago, we celebrated 100K Docker pulls together (check out this post on Reddit). Now that we’ve hit 500K+ pulls of our Docker Library Official Image, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you again. We’re truly humbled by the support we’ve gotten from the community.

The reward for loving containers is… more containers!

We have a whole raft of images available on Docker Hub and other registries as well. Here’s a short list in case you’d like to check some of them out.

Default: Is a general purpose (platform) container image that contains default packages and can be used as a drop-in replacement for the CentOS 8 image.

Minimal: A minimal, compacted image that contains a limited package set and uses the microdnf package manager. It is designed for applications that come with their dependencies bundled like GO, NodeJS, Java.
Note: This image is also UBI-alternative.

Eager to have some more info about AlmaLinux container images? Need links to repositories and image tags? Check the AlmaLinux Wiki.

Did we forget to thank you? We’d like to say thank you very much to our worldwide Community members. We appreciate all your contributions, efforts and support. You are awesome!

Interested in containers? Looking for something you need? Want to contribute? Join our Containers and Cloud SIG on the AlmaLinux Community Chat. We’re waiting for you. :wink:

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docker trust inspect --pretty almalinux:latest
“No signatures or cannot access almalinux:latest”

docker trust inspect --pretty centos:8

8 76d24f3ba3317fa945743bb3746fbaf3a0b752f10b10376960de01da70685fbd (Repo Admin)

Administrative keys for centos:8

Repository Key: f4880e657b5b47e2a5eec7d7c5700245e9fde28754c84faada67115c523f7488
Root Key: 95eadfb9877a06161261e4ebed7c8c9f1cbc49ab7f0a5ab246dfcce0d20c3e8c

Kindly look into this

Thanks @lee. We will look into this. Can you also please file an issue at https://bugs.almalinux.org so that we can track it?

FYI, the official images are built by Docker themselves, not us, so I assume they would be the ones doing the signing unless they want us to provide a key? Either way we will get it taken care of.




Thanks for the prompt reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

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already working on the fix for this.